"Quakers respect the creative power of God in every human being and in the world around us. We work through quiet processes for a world where peaceful means bring about just settlements."


We held a coffee morning to support Fairtrade producers at the Meeting House between 10 and 12 noon on Saturday 2 December.

Regretfully we will probably need to find alternative ways to support Fairtrade following the demise of Traidcraft and the difficulty of sourcing goods to put on a stall. However we can still buy Fairtrade items from local shops and on line. The producers still need our help.


At six o'clock on the evening of Sunday 19 November,more than 50 residents of Devizes gathered around the monument in the Market Place to stand in silent solidarity with those around the world currently suffering under violent conflict. Standing in our peaceful town centre with ordinary life going on around us it was a moving event. Every two minutes the name of a country where violent conflict is happening was read out, 31 in all, far more than most of us realised.

We are continuing to meet in vigil in the Market Place every Saturday  at 11.00am for an hour. The vigil will be silent with no banners or chanting simply holding those suffering in our thoughts and prayers. We invite people of all faiths and none to join us. We aim to continue the vigils in the New Year.

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Remembrance Sunday

We laid a wreath of white poppies for peace at the Devizes war memorial on Remembrance Sunday 12 November at 3.00pm and stood in silence for a few minutes before laying the wreath.

White poppies were introduced in 1933 by The Women's Co-operative Guild concerned that another war was about to start.

They wanted : 1. to challenge the drive to war

                     2. to represent the long lasting effects of war on those of all sides; whether they be a loved one who has died or been injured or those who

                         are suffering now from conflicts around the world.

                    3. a symbol of remembrance

                    4. a commitment to the belief that armed conflict should not be used as a means of resolving disputes.

They believed, as we do, that it is possible to resolve conflicts without violence,

We will be holding a Fairtrade Coffee Morning on 2 December between 10.00 am and midday. Fairtrade refreshments will be served with a chance to stock up on goods that support poor producers in other parts of the world. There will also be information about how we can support Shared Interest, an organisation that provides vital credit to some of these producers through loans.

(update 26 November 2023)

We will host the second of a series of meetings to discuss thoughts and feelings surrounding the topic of death on

Tuesday 12 December

7.00pm for 7.15

Tea , coffee and cake will be available on arrival and an opportunity to meet new and old friends. The discussion will be informal and in small groups to facilitate sharing of experience. All confidences will remain within the group and not be passed on.

for further information please email bookings@devizesquakers.org.uk or call 01380 722560.

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