"Quakers respect the creative power of God in every human being and in the world around us. We work through quiet processes for a world where peaceful means bring about just settlements."

Earth Hour

Devizes Quakers and Sustainable Devizes had planned an evening to record our solidarity with all the people working all over the world to protect our planet and the life on it. This was to have taken place on 28 March starting with an period of reflection and followed by a candlelit supper between 8.30 and 9.30 pm. This is an international day of action. Sadly we have had to close the Meeting House to protect the health of users so it will not now take place.

However, all is not lost. Please join in at home and share your action on the Sustainable Devizes Facebook page. Simply by switching off lights, TV, computer etc. for the hour is supporting the movement. How about a period of silent worship or meditation, alone if need be? For families, you could play games in the dark, have the candlelit supper at home and light a candle in the window to show you are participating. The website is www.earthhour.org . You can register your intention to participate too.


Contact: Devizes Quakers 

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