"Quakers respect the creative power of God in every human being and in the world around us. We work through quiet processes for a world where peaceful means bring about just settlements."

Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday

We laid a wreath of white poppies for peace at the Devizes war memorial on Remembrance Sunday 12 November at 3.00pm and stood in silence for a few minutes before laying the wreath.

White poppies were introduced in 1933 by The Women's Co-operative Guild concerned that another war was about to start.

They wanted : 1. to challenge the drive to war

                     2. to represent the long lasting effects of war on those of all sides; whether they be a loved one who has died or been injured or those who

                         are suffering now from conflicts around the world.

                    3. a symbol of remembrance

                    4. a commitment to the belief that armed conflict should not be used as a means of resolving disputes.

They believed, as we do, that it is possible to resolve conflicts without violence,

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