"Quakers respect the creative power of God in every human being and in the world around us. We work through quiet processes for a world where peaceful means bring about just settlements."


under the oak canopy

On 5 August we held our annual meeting in the Quaker Burial Ground in Hillworth Park. It is many years since the burial ground was used for burials and the land is now managed by the Wiltshire Council. Nevertheless, Devizes Quakers maintain an interest in the space and hold a Meeting for Worship under the oak tree in the centre, exchanging the wooden beams of the Meeting House for the tree canopy. This year we were fortunate to have a lovely day for our meeting and the shade of the tree was very welcome. We were delighted to welcome Friends from other meetings and churches for this special meeting. 


Generally our silent meetings have no theme but for this one we usually do. This year, the theme was trees and it gave rise to ministry about the natural world and the need for balance in our lives. 



 The meeting lasted an hour following which we gathered for a picnic. Altogether a lovely morning.

Fairtrade display
new solar panels

On Sunday 22 July we put up a display after Meeting for Worship about our actions to date for the Eco church scheme. We have already achieved the bronze award and are now ready to apply for the silver award. Members of the meeting were encouraged to comment on the display particularly with ideas for future actions. Members from other Devizes churches were invited to view the display because we are part of a group set up by churches Together in Devizes aiming to support each other in working on the scheme. The aim is for this to a be regular annual event. 

The previous day we held one of our regular Fairtrade coffee mornings which contribute to the Eco church challenge as well as supporting Traidcraft and raising awareness of the needs of poor producers overseas. A stall explaining the work of Shared Interest, inviting investment in a scheme to lend money to fairtrade producers and companies was included. 



January 18 -25 will be the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity There will be prayer meetings in the local churches and the Meeting House will be open for silent worship on 22 January at 2.00pm. 

There will be a united service at the Corn Exchange on 21 January at 11.00am to which all are welcome.

Saturday 18 November We had a successful and enjoyable coffee morning in support of Traidcraft as one of our regular events throughout the year. Gifts and food items were available to buy and orders were placed for items not on show. 

The Meeting House has twinned its toilets with toilets in communities in Nepal and Congo. Need for sanitation comes a close second after a need for access to water and the Toilet Twinning scheme builds and trains the communities to maintain toilets for families, schools and other community facilities.  For further information see the website.


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