"Quakers respect the creative power of God in every human being and in the world around us. We work through quiet processes for a world where peaceful means bring about just settlements."

Saturday 18 November We had a successful and enjoyable coffee morning in support of Traidcraft as one of our regular events throughout the year. Gifts and food items were available to buy and orders were placed for items not on show. 

The Meeting House has twinned its toilets with toilets in communities in Nepal and Congo. Need for sanitation comes a close second after a need for access to water and the Toilet Twinning scheme builds and trains the communities to maintain toilets for families, schools and other community facilities.  For further information see the website.


Checking what was on offer

The Fairtrade Coffee Morning was for the wise. It was held in support of Traidcraft and the Fairtrade movement. Traidcraft is committed not only to selling Fairtrade goods but also to supporting the development of small businesses in the poorer parts of the world so that they can benefit from Fairtrade.

It was an enjoyable morning for all concerned.


Devizes Partnership of Churches has established a small group of representatives of local churches to work on the Eco Church project organised by Christian environment group Arocha UK. Churches are well placed to take up the challenge of reducing their environmental impact because the work can reach a wide range of people within and beyond their congregations. Each church has a different set of issues to work on. Some have old and special buildings, some have large churchyards while others have none. Forms of worship vary from church to church but the desire is still to make the life of the churches, its buildings and use as green as possible.

The programme is a well-designed on line survey on which churches can record their achievements and apply for an award. The topics covered range from inclusion of environmental issues in worship and teaching, management of land and buildings, individual actions and reaching out into the wider community at home and abroad. The advantage of the Churches Together group is that local churches can work to support and encourage each other. The sub group meets regularly to discuss progress and any problems they face. Ideas are exchanged and joint projects are being considered. The work is in its early stages but already the Quaker Meeting House has achieved the bronze award and others are not far behind.

The group was pleased to support a roadshow at St James Church on 25 February, brought by Salisbury Diocese and Arocha, where they were able to meet people from churches outside the town. Any church considering starting on the programme would be welcome to join the group too. 


Come and support Traidcraft, meet up  with friends for a cup of coffee and have an enjoyable morning on Saturday April 1st 2017 at the Meeting House  from 10.30am to 12 noon.

We will be serving tea, coffee and biscuits from the Traidcraft range and there will   be a stall selling other Traidcraft goods and Shared Interest.  

  We support Traidcraft through these  coffee mornings and our stall in the Marsden Room, because not only is Traidcraft a Fairtrade company   working wholly within Fairtrade principles and providing an ethical outlet for Fairtrade goods, but it also develops new markets and supports new producers to the point where they too can obtain the Fairtrade kite mark and eventually trade independently.  So hope to see you there.

Contact: Devizes Quakers 

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